Completing the Cosmetics

The side panels were missing, so this required cutting panels to size and adhering aluminium strips to the wooden edges.  Then securing brackets to the inside of the wooden panel to allow it to be secured to the PDP-8 chassis.  The end result is what you see below, including the semi-transparent covers that enclose the two card cages.


This has been an eighteen month restoration project which has taken approximately 500+ hours of effort to complete.  The result has been the full restoration of a unique machine in computing history.  There were approximately 1,400 units shipped from the factory, and while it’s difficult to know for sure, there are probably only a handful of these computers that are operational in the world.

Most of these machines and those like them have been scrapped over time usually to recover the gold on the PCB edge connectors.  It’s wonderful to have been part of preserving this aspect of computer history, which will hopefully remain available for future generations.