Front Panel and Switches

The original front panel glass was broken.  A local glass design and manufacturing supplier here in Christchurch took on the challenge of creating a replacement. They photographed the original panel, then performed their photoshop magic to re-produce an original image they could then screen print onto a replacement glass.  The result as you will see is outstanding.  I have the image file they created available on the Resources link page.

I disassembled the switches, removed the paddles for cleaning and opened up each of the individual switch to check the internal mechanism.  

The paddles had become faded or oxidised with age, but using a ‘Brasso’ slightly abrasive cleaning agent brought them back to life as can be seen in the photos below.  The two originals on the left, the two cleaned ones on the right in a ‘before and after’ shot: 

Opening up the switch mechanism revealed that some of the slider contact buttons had become scratched and worn:

I attempted to find a silver plating business that would recoat those that were scratched, but in the end couldn’t find someone who was willing to perform the task at a reasonable price.

In the end I simply cleaned the buttons, and placed the scratched ones in a ‘least used’ or ‘unused’ location.  

What I discovered after reassembling the switches was that some were ‘sticky’ and not easy to toggle. I had previously lubricated the slider mechanism, so the ‘fix’ required releasing the fibrous back of the switch by slightly lifting the four lugs so the sprung loaded pressure applied to the internal sliding mechanism was not as great.

All switches operated perfectly after this.